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Wtorek, 30 Grudzień 2008 10:58


FIFA Players Manager has a pleasure to offer cooperation for all professional players, talented youths and sport clubs.

Offer for players

Offer for clubs

  • proffesional transfer arrangement
  • transfer's negotiation between clubs
  • contract negotiation between club and player
  • medical infrastructures (best specialist in Poland and in world)
  • law consulting
  • sport advisement
  • public relations full service
  • reaching ang negotiating of commercial contracts
  • investment consulting
  • selling players
  • buying players
  • reaching contracts with foreign clubs
  • business settling in FIFA and UEFA

Marek Profus - FIFA Players Manager


Stawki Street 2 (Intraco - 1)
00-193 Warsaw POLAND
Tel. number:
022/ 536 92 73
022/ 635 01 88
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MAREK PROFUS Marek Profus is 50 years old today. His company, Profus Management is one of the largest private companies in Poland, and is now 25 years old. He belongs to an elite few of the most reputable Polish businessmen, although he has shied away from publicity. Publicity naturally comes his way. Consider the fact that the Polish Business Club and the prestigious monthly magazine BUSINESMAN honored him with the "Business Man of the year, 1991" award even though in an equally prestigious magazine, The 100 Wealthiest Poles contained in the weekly magazine WPROST, had him only in 9th place. However, the following year he would be recoginized in 5th place, the next year in 2nd place and incredibly the next four consecutive years in 1st place. The magnitude and range of business conducted by Profus boggles the mind. He now has trade offices in 33 countries around the world; ownership in many International companies and financial operations served by 50 global banks, all of which bring great respect to Mr. Profus and compels anyone to do business with his company.

Companies all over the world want to do business with Marek Profus, but only few are capable of achieving this relationship. One soon learns that sitting across the table from Mr. Profus in negotiations is a challenge. Trust must be earned, and you soon learn that the man has vast experience and knowledge. You also see that your integrity must match that of Mr. Profus, and only by being honorable can you profit from a relationship with him. However, those who earn his trust, can profit from a business relationship with Profus Management. "It is confidential how we choose our business partners. We only work with qualified companies whose reputation and capability has been verified." quoting Marek Profus.

Marek Profus came from small beginnings. His family was of common stature, not possessing wealth. They had no business background. However, they understood the need for a proper education for their children, as well as a good understanding of the professional world. Marek listened to his parents' advice, and sought education. He was especially good in science and mathematics, graduating (with good grades) from a college specializing in electronic technologies. As a result of his good standing at this school, he was awarded the right to study and learn through on the job training in East Germany. In 1971 Marek made his first business transaction. He bought a car (an18 year old Pobieda) and sold it for a 400% profit. Was this the beginning for Marek Profus as an entrepreneur? Certainly it was, combined with many other factors.

Clearly, his very nature and disposition indicates he is an indivdualist and he saw no future with a State owned company. In East Germany he worked for a reputable computer company, studied and graduated from the Herder Institute, which trains foreigners how to conduct business.

In 1976 Marek Profus returned to Poland and opened the first service center for Panasonic and Sony. Subsequently, he established several centers. Marek could foresee that there would be a demand for all types of electronic products, especially from renowned companies like Sony, Panasonic and others. So, service centers would be essential for the support of this growing market. Now, you see, Mr. Profus' vision was 100% accurate. As the market flourished, multiple service centers were established. They were highly profitable. Thus, after one year Profus Management was established. "I advised Marek to give our surname to the company (says Gabriela Profus, co-owner of Profus Management) although today I sometimes regret it as we enjoy our privacy. However, the name has truly helped us in our business even though it can be an obstacle in everyday life."

Profus Management developed a resilient attitude as it was not easy to do business in Poland during the seventies and early eighties. However, It was possible to amass wealth from trading in other countries. Mr. Profus purchased stock in Western companies whose industry includes electronics, sporting equipment manufactures and construction. In Hong Kong he founded a company which manufactured video and audio tapes.

In the mid-eighties Marek Profus was known for the management and sponsorship of the best Polish tennis player of that time; Wojciech Kowalski. Marek enjoys sports. He participated in cross country rallies as the driver, and is good at skiing, ping pong, tennis and swimming. However, his decision to be a sponsor of Kowalski, was for business purposes. To quote Marek Profus "Sponsoring a sport figure like Kowalski is good for promotion and marketing, providing both parties take it seriously." Although Kowalski never achieved the ultimate as a player, the sponsorship achieved the objective of promoting Profus Management. Mr. Profus continues to be a friend of Kowalski to this day.

The profound changes in Poland during the late eighties opened the door for big business. Due to the success of the service centers mentioned above, Blaupunkt awarded Profus Management exclusivity for their product line, becoming their sole representative in Poland. Later Hirschmann (manufacturer of satellite antennas, alarm systems, cable TV equipment) also gave Profus Management exclusivity. Bosch (power tool manufacturer) approached Mr. Profus about distributing their product in Poland, and he did so, very successfully.

By the end of the eighties, Marek Profus owned over 900 stores and service centers throughout Poland. He owned a warehouse in Poznan where goods were consigned (from Blaupunkt, Hirschmann and Bosch) and duties paid only after shipment into the marketplace. He had modern offices in the INTRACO building in Warsaw. There were 2,000 employees by this time and he spent several hundred thousands of dollars promoting his company. This was a remarkable achievement by the end of the eighties.

In 1992 and 1993, Mr. Profus suddenly divested himself of all the profitable service centers. Why you ask? "The Polish government imposed 70% duties for the importation of electronic equipment. Many would smuggle these goods into Poland so legitimate business of this type could not survive." explains Marek Profus. He was correct, as many competitive companies started having financial difficulties after the 70% duties were imposed.

Marek Profus was not discouraged by this as he found "acres of diamonds" in other types of businesses. Thus, a major trading entity (International Commodity Exchange) was established with trade offices in 33 countries. He was "right on the money". Trading became a very profitable business. After one year the value of goods offered exceeded 1 billion USD. The next step was to enter the markets of the former Soviet Union. This was very risky, but loaded with opportunity. The business in this region became the sole focus of Gabriela Profus. In a very short time she established several companies specializing in international arms, crude oil and oil generated products, as well as all types of metals and food. Over 2,000 employees where working for Profus Management in the former Soviet Union alone. Marek and Gabriela Profus not only maintained their trading prowess, but also continued to invest in different companies throughout Europe, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Africa. Mr. Profus managed all the business from their headquarters in Warsaw, Poland.

In the beginning of 1992 Marek Profus purchased two failing magazine publications; The weekly "Piłka Nożna and monthly "Piłka Nożna Plus". Within six months he was successful turning them into modern, color publications, doubling the circulation. Though Polish football (soccer) was not very successfull in the nineties, both publications attained circulation of 130.000 and have remained at this level. Both magazines successfully compete with similar ones within the same market. In 1996 Mr. Profus negotiated with a French company by the name of HERSANT for the possibility of acquiring its ownership in the daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita". For several reasons the transaction was not completed. However, this shows that Marek Profus may in fact increase his publishing entities by several more titles.

Profus Management's business activities are International in scope and include arms trading for all types of military forces. This includes spare parts for military equipment, weapons, munitions, as well as lubricants and oil. Additionally, he handles overhauls and current maintenance of weapons and military equipment. Especially, aircraft and aircraft engines from the former Soviet Union and Poland (We should note that Profus Management has the appropriate permits from the Ministry of Economics for conducting these business activities). Also, Profus Management is involved in the trade of crude oil and oil products, steel and steel products, construction materials, chemical products, food, medicine and other wide ranges of various products upon request.

In the mid nineties, Marek Profus exemplified his interest in the use of modern technologies as it relates in property protection. In 1996 he established a security department within Profus Management, whose purpose was to design and implement professional security systems for military and civilian requirements. (includes internal and external fire and security alarms, monitoring equipment, access control equipment, secure data transmission, tracking of transport vehicles, personnel security and information security). A year later he established Profus Elte which experiences healthy growth. It is now offering GPS (systems for protecting and monitoring mobile objects). Profus Elta also supplies software and basic components for the product line. The systems can also be custom tailored for a customers own requirements. Systems are continually updated as technology improves. The largest potential with this product line appears to be with the transportation and taxi companies, utility departments, law enforcement, express carriers (like DHL, Fedex, UPS etc) emergency services (like ambulance, public utilities).Last but not least, wealthier individuals and companies who drive expensive automobiles and are afraid of theft. Could it be that Mr. Profus also saw the future and predicted the need for such equipment? In the next millinneum, will this product category be dynamic in growth like that of other major products we are familiar with today? Won't there be a global market that needs to be satisfied? "I think the majority of the population still do not understand what 'GPS' is all about. At the same time, I am fully convinced that in the near future, the same people will wonder how they lived without these products". (Says Marek Profus)

In 2001 Marek Profus received FIFA license to act as FIFA Players' Agent. Since then he has been executing transfers of football players from Poland, Central Europe, South America and Africa football clubs in Europe.
Also in 2001 "Profus Management" received International Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2000 and IQNet Certificate for Quality Management System. The received certificates prove that the company is managed in accordance with highest international quality standards.
Recently "Profus Management" is in the process of receiving AQAP 120 certificate that will give it the right to participate in tenders for deliveries of military equipment for NATO.

Marek Profus shuns unnecessary publicity and cherishes his privacy. In the early nineties, many articles appeared in newspapers and magazines writing of Marek Profus as a millionaire living in an ordinary multi-tenant apartment (located in the Warsaw district of Wola). This was true. Most people expect wealthy individuals to show their wealth by their material possessions, expecially, when you conduct business on a global scale. We watch for the homes they live in, the cars they drive and all those other signs of wealth. However, there are exceptions. Mr. Profus limits his public exposure although he is invited to many different governmental and civic functions. . Some like this attention, but he prefers doing business with all parts of the world which does not necessarily require attending these functions. Marek's actions speak louder than words when it comes to charity and giving to organizations in need. He quietly gives to various organizations which are directly involved in helping people, young and old, in all walks of life.


Manager's Office
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